About us

artesyan consulting GmbH was founded 2001 as an owner controlled company (Limited according to German Law) in Ellerbek close to Hamburg.

The managing directors Ditte Heimsohn and Frank Heimsohn jointly look back to more than 40 years of experience in various areas of information technology and have been involved in projects in Germany, Europe and India.

Frank Heimsohn

Frank Heimsohn

The topics data centre operations and outsourcing are supported by Frank Heimsohn who after a decade of both application development and system administration has been managing complex projects related to data centre migrations during the recent years.

In case you are looking for support for developing or implementing your data centre related sourcing strategy or are planning to verify and improve interfaces and procedures with your current IT service provider we recommend to rely on our extensive knowledge in these areas.

Ditte Heimsohn

Whenever applications of our customers need to be newly developed, modernized or migrated, Ditte Heimsohn will provide her long-time experience of application development, design and project management.

Based on outstanding knowledge of application development environments on the IBM mainframe platform she has more and more been managing client/server projects and has accompanied our customers on their move from the old to the new world.

The functional focus has been on all topics related to the requirements of large financial service providers like data management, contract information and claim handling or reporting (data warehouse).

Gladly we will examine how you could benefit from our services.

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